Forsaken – Amongst God, Below Man – two tracks now streaming

Forsaken have given a taste of what lies in wait for anyone who has pre-ordered their impending E.P ‘Amongst Gods, Below Man’ which is set to be released very soon on Neutral Words Records.

The two new tracks are stuffed full of legit metal riffs and solos which will get any headbanging enthusiast excited. Following on from where Forsaken left off with the 2013 demo these two songs take that thrash formula and just crank up the amount of metal that is filtered into the music.

The same attitude is there from previous material but with added nastiness which suits the band so well. Anyone who has seen Forsaken play live recently must have been as impressed as I’ve been by the ability these guys have to lay down incredibly tight riffs which are packed full of that thrash groove that when done right, like this, is impossible not to like.

I was seriously impressed from the first listen I gave these tracks. 2.56 into Sentenced Eternal when the guitars stab into the track then split off into a shred filled solo is just so good, I’m also really into the vocals that Joe has put down for this, I was a big fan of the vocals on Supernatural and Love Lost but this E.P sounds like he has stepped it up even more.

Check these two tracks out and make your own mind up. Personally I think this will be the release of the year for me and I can’t wait to hear it in full, I will more than likely do another review when that time comes so hold tight for that if you’re bothered.

In the mean time, check these two songs out, bang your head til your neck breaks then get over to Neutral Words Records and pre-order the E.P which you can do HERE.

On a final note you should check out NWR as Max is doing some really good work with it. Pick up a t-shirt, tape or poster and help to support a label doing work.




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